As an appliance that works hard to keep the building warm day-in and day-out, the furnace is one of the most used and relied upon things at your property. It is important to have it serviced regularly to make sure it stays in good condition and is able to heat spaces efficiently. You should have a furnace tune-up performed by a professional before the start of the colder months, to ensure it’s ready to run all winter. The Valley City Mechanical team can take care of all the maintenance efforts for you so don’t have to worry.

What Is A Furnace Tune Up?

Similarly to how your vehicle needs to go to the mechanic for regular maintenance so it can stay operating well, the same is true for your heater. A skilled and certified heating technician can look over your appliance and inspect all the components to make sure they are working well. They can check to see if there are any leaks, any loose or damaged parts, or if the ducts, drain lines, or vents are dirty. By tuning it up and calibrating it, the furnace will last longer and work better to assure you energy savings. Studies show that furnace tune-up can improve the unit’s efficiency by up to 30%.

How Often Should You Get A Furnace Tune Up?

The general “rule of thumb” in the HVAC industry is that you should have your property’s furnace checked out by a professional once a year. Most appliances actually are required to be serviced annually or the manufacturer’s warranty will not be valid. The perfect time to have it done is right before the colder months of the year when you have not used it for a while but are gearing up to. This way, an expert can make sure it is ready to work whenever you need it throughout the fall and winter.

Valley City Mechanical Does Furnace Tune-Ups!

The team at Valley City Mechanical can handle all the efforts of furnace maintenance in Byron Center, MI for you. We would be glad to come out each year and tune-up your heater to make sure it stays working well and is in optimal condition. Our team of HVAC professionals will do whatever it takes to make sure your place has a furnace that serves you well and keeps your home or business warmed up for many years. Get in contact with our experts to make an appointment!