We all know that air conditioners don’t always turn on when you need them most. When this happens to you (because it almost inevitably will) and you’re wondering, “Why is my A/C not working?”, it’s easy to feel frustrated and even overwhelmed. Before you panic, though, check the following things or have a professional check them. Getting your A/C back on may be easier than you thought!

Dead Batteries

If the batteries in your thermostat go dead, your A/C won’t turn on. If the screen there is suddenly blank, that’s a good sign that your thermostat needs some more juice. It’s usually easy to change out these batteries to find out if this is your problem.

It Got Turned Off

Most air conditioners have two disconnect switches: one in the attic, garage, basement, or wherever the indoor component of your A/C is located, and one by the outdoor unit. These can easily get bumped into the “off” position, which means your A/C won’t work again until you flip them on.

Breakers & Fuses

If your A/C flips a breaker or blows a fuse in your electrical panel, you’ll need to flip it back or replace it before the unit will work again. If it keeps doing this, call our A/C services team to find out why.

The A/C itself also has a fuse inside. If that goes, you’ll need an A/C repairs expert to help you fix it.

A Blown Transformer

This also lives inside your air conditioner and is best tested and fixed by an A/C services pro. We know how to do the job quickly and safely. If this is the problem, it’s an easy fix!

Dirty Coils

If your A/C is blowing air but it’s just not cold enough, the problem may lie in your coils. These exist both indoors and out. Check both units and gently remove any debris that has collected around them. You can also call us for A/C maintenance and let us do the job for you.

A Failed Capacitor

Capacitors are kind of like giant batteries that hold power so your A/C can both turn on and stay on. When they get old, they can’t maintain power levels high enough for the unit to run and they need to be replaced by an A/C pro.

A Clogged Filter

Sometimes, fixing your air conditioner is as easy as changing your filter. If it’s been a while since you changed this or your A/C has worked extra hard because of dust or ash in the air, the filter may be exceptionally dirty. Change it to increase airflow and get cool again.

At Valley City Mechanical, we offer a complete line of A/C services, including A/C maintenance and AC repairs in Byron Center, MI. We can help you figure out why your A/C is not working and fix it fast, so you can get cool again ASAP. Contact us today!