As a homeowner or business owner, you have a long list of things to worry about. Whether or not your heating or cooling system is in good condition doesn’t have to be one of them, if you stay on top of the recommended maintenance plans for your appliances. As the fall season gets underway, have a Valley City Mechanical technician come and check out your property to give everything a look-over and clean them out so that you can be confident they will work well throughout the end of the year.

Heating System

It is important to have your heating system tuned up every now and then to make sure it is in optimal condition. Signs that it needs to be looked at are loud noises emitting from it or it is not performing as well as it used to. An HVAC professional can help clean or replace your furnace’s or humidifier’s filters that may be dirty and clogged, as well as check them or a gas heater for any carbon monoxide risks. All of this should happen annually to ensure a healthy living or working space, so fall is a great time to have it done each year.

Cooling System

As fall comes and temperatures begin to drop, your HVAC needs will change. The shift from using the air conditioning frequently to the heater most of the time means that you should reprogram your thermostat. It is also important to have the AC unit thoroughly cleaned after it has been working hard to keep your property cool all summer long. The filter needs to be changed and the internal parts can be vacuumed out.

How to Get the Most of Your Energy:

  • Make sure the property is well insulated so no hot or cool air is escaping
  • If your HVAC system is 10+ years old, it is likely working at about half its old efficiency. It may pay off to invest in a new one as colder temperatures near.
  • Have a professional service your system regularly


As the weather changes from hot to cold, we go from using our AC to our heaters and furnaces. To be best prepared for this time, it is wise to have a professional HVAC technician come out to perform any necessary maintenance on the unit. Having things taken care of on a regular schedule will keep your systems in good, reliable shape for when you need them the most.