Did you know that regular boiler service can help keep you warmer at home all winter long? It’s true! Boilers are like any other appliance: they need regular attention to run well and remain fully functional. Here’s everything you need to know about boiler service.

What are the Benefits of Boiler Service?

There are several benefits of boiler maintenance. These include:

  • Keep your boiler running efficiently. When your boiler runs efficiently, it won’t use as much energy each month. It also won’t experience as much wear and tear, so it should last longer, too.
  • Save money. When your boiler runs efficiently, you won’t have to spend as much on energy costs each year. You also won’t have to invest in a new one as soon.
  • Stay safe. Keep your family and your home safe when you get boiler maintenance. This will ensure that there aren’t problems with your boiler that could cause catastrophic damage or that could injure someone or cause illness. Some of these are highly unlikely but always possible when you have a boiler

How Often Do I Need to Service My Boiler?

Service your boiler once a year, preferably in the late spring or early summer. Yearly maintenance gives your boiler professionals a good chance to catch any potential problems and make sure your boiler keeps running the way it is supposed to, no matter what. If you keep up with this year after year, your boiler won’t have many chances to break down.

How Do You Service a Boiler? Can I Service My Boiler Myself?

There are a number of things that you can do without calling a boiler service company. If you’ve been looking up, “How do you service a boiler?”, here’s the list you need. You can:

  • Inspect your boiler area for leaking water or dried water marks
  • Make sure that your boiler is not obstructed and/or move anything that could be an obstruction
  • Check all temperature readings and pressure gauges regularly
  • Watch for error codes and, if there are any, write them down for your service professional
  • Listen for unusual noises or feel for odd vibrations from your boiler
  • Visually inspect your boiler system for leaks, breaks, or signs of a blockage
  • Inspect the burner flame (do this regularly so you know what it should look like and can note any changes)

When Should I Call a Professional for Boiler Service?

Call a boiler service company for help once a year. Our boiler maintenance involves doing things that you might not otherwise be able to do, like:

  • Cleaning the inner workings of your heating system
  • Inspecting and testing the heat exchanger on your boiler
  • Checking electrical connections and wiring in your boiler
  • Testing water PH levels
  • Testing and cleaning flame sensors, burner assembly, and ignitors
  • Inspect and flush condensate system
  • Check the venting system to remove blockages and fix any deteriorated parts
  • Check operating controls and safety-test controls
  • Make sure vent terminations and air inlet are clear
  • Find and fix any problems with your boiler

If you’re ready to schedule your boiler maintenance visit, contact us today at Valley City Mechanical. We’ll get a boiler expert to your door fast to help you resolve all of your boiler issues ASAP!