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Broken and leaking gas boiler

When was the last time you checked on your boiler? Though this unit plays a significant role in providing heat, it is quite easy to forget it. To help you determine if it is indeed time for an upgrade, here are a few factors to consider from the leading experts on boiler repair in Byron Center, MI.


It is essential to know the age of your boiler. Though many people know that boilers don’t last forever, it is easy to assume they will last a lifetime. Most boilers, however, usually last about 15 years from the boiler installation date. Once your unit passes the two-decade mark, it will begin developing multiple issues that will be costly to repair. The best solution for this is getting a new unit for your home.

Increased Upkeep Costs

How much do you use your boiler? You need to assess the progression of the maintenance cost and how much repairs the unit needs. As mentioned earlier, age comes with increased costs, and you might not get a permanent solution for the problems. Instead of paying huge fees to keep an unreliable boiler running, invest the money in purchasing a boiler replacement instead.

Reduced Efficiency

A new boiler always helps you save on energy costs since it functions at optimum efficiency. However, when it begins developing issues such as corrosion and clogs, its efficiency begins to dwindle and it starts consuming more energy. While boiler maintenance may help it to keep functioning for a little longer, the best course of action may be to replace it with a newer unit.

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